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Book Resources
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All the Men of the Bible -— Herbert Lockyer has a series of books, on All the women of the Bible, All the Miracles of the Bible, All the Queens and Kings of the Bible, and more. I have found his books to be very informative in writing a sermon and/or a research paper.

All The Men Of The Bible By Lockyer, Herbert By Zondervan

Systematic Theology —by Wayne Grudem

This Book is very helpful in researching many theological topics and doctrine. Wayne Grudem introduces us to a variety of topics that are often misunderstood. Wayne Grudem is very intellectual and the reading may be a little hard to understand, so make sure that you compare his information with other authors.

Systematic Theology: An Introduction To Biblical Doctrine By Wayne Grudem

Basic Theology- by Charles Ryrie

I have used this book in researching many topics. Charles Ryrie makes the topics plain enough to understand. His books are very popular and he explains Biblical truth in simple terms.

Basic Theology: A Popular Systematic Guide To Understanding Biblical Truth By Ryrie, Charles C. By Thriftbooks

Concise Theology --by J.I. Packer

J.I Packer digs into historical facts and data. I have several of his books and I love using them to do research papers.

Concise Theology

Knowing God – by J.I Packer

This book is basically about the Doctrine of God. It teaches us how to know God more fully so that we can receive more of his greatness and fulness. It is a valuable resource for application and information.

Hardcover Knowing God Book

Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology by Walter Elwell

This book is a single-volume resource that you will cherish always. Walter Elwell gives information on a variety of theological topics. This is my go to book when all other authors are silent on a particular subject.

Evangelical Dictionary Of Biblical Theology

Vines Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words— by W. E. Vine

This book gives you the meaning of many Hebrew and Greek terms. Unlike a ordinary dictionary, this dictionary digs into the root meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words to give the reader a clearer understanding of the word. It is a very valuable resource.

Vine's Expository Dictionary Of Old & New Testament Words

Encountering the Old Testament by Bryan E. Beyer and Bill T. Arnold. Encountering the New Testament by Walter Elwell and Robert Yarbrough

These books give us a step by step guide into the stories, facts and theology of both the Old and New Testament. These books are awesome resources.

Encountering The Old Testament
Encountering The New Testament: A Historical And Theological Survey [With Multimedia Interactive Study Aid] By Elwell, Walter A. By Thriftbooks

Catena Bible App

This Bible App has over 60,000 references to the early church fathers who lived closer to the time of the Apostles and Prophets. I have used this app numerous times and found it to be very informative. The only set back would be trying to understand it in the context in which it was written, therefore you must compare the information with other sources.

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Wilmington's Guide to the Bible by Dr. Harold Wilmington

This book is where I get the majority of my information on the Doctrines of the Bible. The Doctoral Course is based partly on the information included in this book, so it is a very great resource book to include in your library. It can also be found on Kindle Books. The second book is a complete guide to Old Testament people and places.

Willmington's Guide To The Bible By Willmington, Harold L. By Thriftbooks
Willmington's Complete Guide To Bible Knowledge By Willmington, H. L. Willmington, Harold L. By Thriftbooks

Praying the names of God by Ann Spangler

This book explores the names of God in the Old Testament and reveals their deeper meaning. She also has a book called Praying the names of Jesus. Along with that is Praying through the names of Jesus by Tony Evans. All three books are great resources.

Praying The Names Of God: A Daily Guide By Spangler, Ann By Thriftbooks
Praying Through The Names Of Jesus
Praying The Names Of Jesus: A Daily Guide By Spangler, Ann By Thriftbooks

Enjoy Learning the Bible Study Books by Dr. Sharon C. Cason

These books are my personal favorite. I have over 70 study books that can be purchased from and also from thrifty books and Barnes and Noble Books. These books can also be read on Kindle. They are a valuable tool for research. They include quotes from various authors and versions of the Bible, the Catena Bible app was also used in several books.

Enjoy Learning The Bible: The Minor Prophets By Cason, Sharon C. By Thriftbooks
Enjoy Learning The Bible: The Epistles Part 1 By Cason, Sharon C. By Thriftbooks

Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee

J. Vernon McGee brings the Bible to life with testimonies and stories that will capture your interest and make you want to read more of the Bible. He has a simple and easy to read commentary on all the books of the Bible.

Thru The Bible, 5 Volumes